The film shattered silence takes you into the world of mental health; told from the heart of each character, which brings real and raw emotion to this thought provoking documentary.  We really wanted to make a film that would show real people going through some of the major issues that are country is facing at an epidemic rate.

Shattered Silence exposes the problem of mental health issues in America, including Bullying, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-Injury, PTSD, and Suicide; while bringing a powerful message of purpose, and valuable information that could save a life.


This film took over 3 years to complete from concept to final output. Over 5000 hours of production time, over 55 music tracks, and 60 interviews. We really had no budget to complete this film, just an unstoppable drive to get this film out to the world because it is topics that most people don’t want to talk about. Everyone at some point has felt hopeless or lost in the course of life and want to find an answer that will set them free. The film can also be broken down into individual chapters, to work within schools, small groups, and any mental health organization, to learn about a certain issues they would like to discuss.  The public school version was carefully crafted to work within the federal law of separation of church and state in the school system.


The film holds an original soundtrack from Luka Worle, and features many new and upcoming artists and some very well known, such as Joanna Yaeger and Michael Fredo. Joanna wrote a song that was featured in the film Shattered Silence, and also the music video for the film called “Words They Say”. Michael Fredo is the nephew to the famous Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger. Michael toured with Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and N-Sync. Michael has 2 songs featured in the film Shattered Silence.